Day 1: A Craftsman’s Toolbox

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 1.19.46 AM

No matter what the task is at hand or challenge to be faced, awareness and familiarity of one’s tools enables each craftsman to be as effective as possible. In my desired craft of Software Development, Text Editors are tools with much potential. Many debates have been sparked over which Text Editor is the best. However, there is no debate that an engineer with thorough knowledge of their Text Editor of choice is more efficient, than an engineer who is not.

The Text Editor that I chose to embark on this journey of Software Development mastery with is Sublime Text 3. Because of when I bought my license for Sublime Text 2, it could be applied to Sublime Text 3 at no extra cost. Sublime is rich in community support, packages, customizable snippets, and speed, all of which, position a Developer to approach each project on good footing. For myself, choosing Sublime Text was a no brainer.

To begin learning advanced workflow techniques in Sublime, I watched a course by Jeffrey Way. Mr. Way’s explanations of Sublime and the components that empower the Developers who use it are both rigorous and concise. He covers native features that ship with Sublime, downloadable packages, instructions on how to extend sublime, and much more. Although the course covers Sublime Text 2, much of the course translates to Sublime Text 3 and still offers the viewers much value.

Continuing to acclimate myself to Sublime Text 3, I have decided to purchase and read Mastering Sublime Text by Dan Peleg. More on this, later this week.


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