Day 39: Cascade!


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, were invented to improve the presentation of the World Wide Web by Håkon Wium Lie. With CSS, Web Developers can add animations, manipulate text, use an image as a background, and much more. The possibilities with CSS are almost boundless. The end product really just depends on the preferences of the Designer/Developer.

There are many ways to invoke CSS. Within html documents, CSS rule-sets can be invoked inline, by using the style element. External style sheets can be invoked by using the @import rule, within the style element. The most common application of CSS is through external style sheets using the link element. CSS can be used with multiple style sheets and a mix of all the aforementioned methods, hence “Cascading” in the name. It uses a weight system to determine which rules to use.


Rule-sets, in CSS, are composed of selectors, properties, and their respective values. Selectors reference the html element to be modified. Properties declare the characteristic of the selector is to be changed. The values define how the property is modified.

I have used CSS for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. In my pursuit of one day being a 10x Engineer, I have really enjoyed using shorthand CSS properties. There is so much to learn with CSS and I’m excited to continue learning about it. I’ll be getting into SASS and advanced CSS in future post!

Until next time!


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