Day 0: The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life


My name is Henessy Ceballos. Today is January 1st, of the year 2018. My goal is to obtain the position of Junior Full Stack Developer by May 15th, of the year 2018, in a rapidly growing company.

I have some practice coding in a couple of languages and I have built various projects, so my goal is to hit the ground running. I will cover fundamentals, but I will power though subjects/topics that I have a strong foundation in. My main study resources will be courses on Udemy, books I have compiled since my interest in the web began, and free tutorials. By the end of the 4 month period, I hope to have deployed apps based on the MEAN Stack, Angular2, React.js, and Meteor. I will also be going over technologies such as git, mocha, Heroku, AWS, and Sublime Text 3.

I will keep a record of my triumphs and my defeats in this blog. This blog will also serve as a log for the amount of time I spend studying/focused on learning each week. My goal is to commit roughly 40 hours a week(~6hrs/day) to my studies, while maintaining my various commitments.

Here is to realizing dreams and the pursuit of happiness. Cheers.



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